Free Fire and COD Mobile are a couple of games that standard the versatile gaming world. Players love to draw in, alongside their companions, in the fight royale matches offered by these games. Both the games offer many energizing modes that players can appreciate.

Free Fire is a fight royale game that is known for its energizing interactivity and lively illustrations. It likewise includes numerous characters, each known for his/her compelling name and capacity.

Regarding the fight royale matches, Free Fire permits a limit of 50 parts in a single game. Each game goes on for roughly 15 minutes, contingent upon the hour of endurance.

COD Mobile is an activity shooter game that manages against psychological oppression. It is partitioned into two modes, the fight royale mode, and the multiplayer mode.

In the fight royale method of COD Mobile, 100 players slip into a threatening area and battle to be the last individual. The matches are lengthier than Free Fire matches and keep going for 20 to 25 minutes overall.

Free Fire versus COD Mobile: Which game is better for low-end Android gadgets in 2021?

Both Free Fire and COD Mobile have superior gadget necessities to run on Android gadgets. Here are the gadget necessities for both the games:

Free Fire

Android rendition: 4.1 and higher

Download size: 706 MB

Slam: 2 GB

COD Mobile

Android variant: 4.3 and higher

Download size: 2 GB

Slam: 2 GB

The extra room needed by COD Mobile multiple times more prominent than that required by Free Fire. Besides, the Android rendition needed by COD Mobile is likewise higher than that of Free Fire.

On the off chance that players run COD Mobile on their low-end Android telephones, they will undoubtedly confront incessant slacks, and there is no decision except to forfeit the splendid designs offered by the title.

In this way, it can eventually be reasoned that Free Fire is more viable with low-end Android gadgets than COD Mobile.


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