For quite a long time, the versatile scene essentially played home to two powerful working frameworks – Android and iOS. While others have been endeavors by others to present another option, the majority have failed and have blurred into haziness. However, Huawei is required to stir things up with its forthcoming HarmonyOS.

Presently, given screen captures distributed, some have compared HarmonyOS to Android, which has a few benefits. We can’t reprimand Huawei for attempting to imitate a broad set upstage. Yet, the organization is demanding that it’s anything but a duplicate of one or the other Android or iOS. It is intended to be a stage utilized for more extensive purposes like the Web of Things.

Addressing columnists, Wang Chengdu, Huawei’s buyer programming division leader, said that HarmonyOS (otherwise called HongmengOS in China) has been being developed since 2016. The path before the dramatization between Huawei and the US government started. Wang likewise calls attention to that HarmonyOS will give wide “all-encompassing” openings not only for cell phones, not at all like stages like iOS.

It is clear if Huawei will have the stuff to challenge effectively ended stages; however, the organization is continuing onward with their arrangements. A report from 2020 says that Huawei will begin carrying HarmonyOS to its cell phones.


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